Summer School for Contemporary History 2016 : Wandering around the Fields of War Memory

Summer School 2016 poster

Summer School 2016 poster b

What Is This?

This event, primarily for undergraduate and graduate students, is a summer school project without any formal relations with Hitotsubashi University. It is free of charge.
No official diploma/certificate will be issued.
Participants should pay for transportation, museum fees and other personal expenses.

How to Join?

Reservation Required.
Send an email to or fill in the form below with your name and affiliation by July 10, 2016.
You may participate in either all of or parts of the program. Specify the date (AM and/or PM) you would like to join.
Non-students and late registration will be accepted pending availability.


Day 1: July 21 (Thursday), Hitotsubashi University

Lecture (14:40-16:10)
at East Campus, Mercury Tower (#37 of campus map), Room #3405
Johanna Zulueta (Soka University), “Migrating Memories:
Gendered Subjectivities and the Experience of War”

Lecture (16:20-17:50)
at East Campus, Mercury Tower*, Room #3405
Nemoto Masaya (Hitotsubashi University) , “Suffering, Silence,
and Storytelling: Atomic Bomb Survivors in Hiroshima”

Welcome Meeting (18:15-20:00)

Direction to Hitotsubashi University:

Hitotsubashi Campus Map:

Day 2: August 4 (Thursday), Yasukuni & Kudanshita Area

Guided Tour (11:00-12:30)
meeting place:  Kudanshita Subway Station, Exit #6 at 10:50
Shokei-kan Museum 
with Nakamura Eri (Hitotsubashi University)

Group Tour (13:00-15:30)
meeting place: Kudanshita Subway Station, Exit #1 at 12:50
Yasukuni Shrine and Yushukan Museum with Nakano Satoshi (Hitotsubashi University)
*Important Notice: The guide is not available as originally planned. We apologize for the change in the program after starting the registration. (updated on July 11)
*Entrance fee at your own expense

Post-Tour Session (16:00-17:30)
Josui Kaikan Conference Room
Moderator: Nakano Satoshi

Kudanshita Area Map:

Day 3: August 5 (Friday), Hitotsubashi University

Campus Tour (10:30-12:00)
meeting place: West Campus Main Gate at 10:20
With Nakano Satoshi and Okada Taihei (Shizuoka University)

Lecture (13:00-14:30)
at East Campus, Faculty Building 3 (#39 of campus map), Research Conference Room
Karl Ian Cheng Chua (Ateneo de Manila University), “Forgetting the War through War Manga”

Screening and Discussion (15:00-18:00)
at East Campus, Faculty Building 3, Research Conference Room
Maruyama Yuki (Hitotsubashi University) and Nomura Nao (Saitama University), “Representations of
 War” (Film Titles: TBA)

Farewell Meeting (18:15-20:00)