“Forgetting the War through War Manga” (Lecture by Dr. Chua [Day3])

Karl Ian Chen Chua, “Forgetting the War through War Manga”

August 5 (Fri), 13:00-14:30
Hitotsubashi University, East Campus, Faculty Building 3, Research Conference Room

Reading Assignments

  • Karl Ian Cheng Chua, “Representing the war in manga”, Controversial History Education in Asian Contexts, edited by Mark Baildon et al. Taylor & Francis, 2013.
  • Akiko Hashimoto, “‘Something Dreadful Happened in the Past’: War Stories for Children in Japanese Popular Culture”, The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol.13, Issue 30, No.1 ( July 2015): 1-13.
  • Matthew Penney, “‘Why on earth is something as important as this not in the textbooks?’ –Teaching Supplements, Student Essays, and History Education in Japan”「どうしてこんなに大切なことが教科書に出て来ないのだろう」 教材、 作文、そして日本の歴史教育」The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol.12, Issue 1 ,No.0 ( Jan 2014): 1-36.
  • Shinichi Arai, “History Textbooks in Twentieth Century Japan: A Chronological Overview”, Journal of Educational Media, Memory & Society, Vol. 2, No. 2, Special Issue: Contextualizing School Textbook Revision (Autum 2010): 113-121.


Discussion points

1. What are examples of “war manga” that you are familiar with or have read?
2. What is opinion about these “war manga?”

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