Screening and Discussion by Dr. Maruyama and Dr. Nomura [Day3]

Yuki Maruyama and Nao Nomura, “Hundred Shots, Hundred Kills: War Movies, Eyes of the Camera, and Modern Spectatorship”

August 5 (Fri), 15:00-18:00
Hitotsubashi University, East Campus, Faculty Building 3, Research Conference Room


Reading assignments

  • Excerpts from Chris Kyle, American Sniper
  • Selected comments on the movie

Discussion points

  • Is Chris Kyle a war hero fighting with just cause or a trigger-happy killer with no morality?
  • Is the movie pro-war or anti-war? Why was there a big controversy over “American Sniper,” while it achieved a huge commercial success?
  • How do you feel when the camera overlaps the gunsight? What does it mean if you identify with the shooter’s eye? Are you involved in killings, at least in a metaphorical sense?

Suggested further readings

  • John Bodner, “Saving Private Ryan and Postwar Memory in America,” The American Historical Review 106.3 (June 2001): 805-17.

Related movies

  • “The Unforgiven” (1992)
  • “Sergeant York” (1941)



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