Topics of Modern and Contemporary History Z 2018 Summer Intensive Course & Film Screening

Mon. 23 July to Fri. 27 July  2017 at Hitotsubashi University

105 min – 13 class

Enrollment Criteria

This class is for undergraduate (the 3rd grade and more) and graduate students of Graduate School / Faculty of Social Sciences and other graduate schools/faculties if permitted.

Hitotsubashi University Kunitachi East Campus #1203

Course Aim and Overview

War and Violence in Comparative History: Truths, Memory, and Reconciliation. This lecture aims to discuss ways to understand issues of war and violence (its truths, memory, and reconciliation) from a perspective of comparative history. This class aims to: 1) learn perspectives and methods of comparative history; 2) share basic knowledge about extreme/massive violence in modern/contemporary history; 3) learn not to be judgmental but to have a temperate discussion on the controversial issues of modern/contemporary history. 4) It is not a goal of this class to share conclusions.

Lecture and discussion will be conducted basically in English. Students will be allowed to use either English or Japanese in discussion. Students will be required to write their comments/reports in English.

After the classes between 23-26 July, film screening are organized in association with the contents of this course.



Day I  July 23  


10:45-12:30 Class 01- Introduction: Who owns Japanese Pacifism? (70th anniversary)
Satoshi Nakano and Yukie Shimizu

13:15-15:00 Class 02- German /Japan Comparison
Henning Fauser (Institut d’études
politiques de Rennes) and Yukie Shimizu


15:15〜 #Faculty Building 3-3F  Film Screening:
SHOAH by Claude Lanzmann
Short talk : Henning Fauser
Day II  July 24

Violence and Justice

10:45-12:30 Class 03-Soldiers and Global Empire: Battlefield Violence, Militarism, and War
Andrew Levidis (University of Central Lancashire)

13:15-15:00 Class 04-Tokyo Trial
Ann-Sophie Schoepfel (Science Po Paris)

15:15〜 #Faculty Building 3-3F Film Screening:
The Mushroom Club by Steven Okazaki
Barefoot Gen’s Hiroshima directed by Yuko Ishida

Day III  July 25


10:45-12:30 Class 05-Holocaust
Henning Fauser

13:15-15:00 Class 06-Hiroshima
Masaya Nemoto (Ritsumeikan Universtiy)

15:15-17:00 Class 07- Term paper discussion

17:15〜 #Faculty Building 3-3F Film Screening:
戦場の女たち-SENSO DOUGTHERS by Noriko Sekiguchi

Day IV  July 26  


10:45-12:30 Class 08- Yasukuni
Joshua Baxter (The University of Tokyo)

13:15-15:00 Class 09- Militarism
Andrew Levidis

15:15-17:00 Class 10- Collaboration
Ann-Sophie Schoepfel

17:15〜 #Faculty Building 3-3F  Screening:
Kinyarwanda directed by Alrick Brown
Day V  July 27 


10:45-17:00 Class 11,12 &13  Yasukuni Shrine and Kudanshita area

11:00-Yasukuni Tour guided by Joshua Baxter, Yushukan Museum
15:00-Shokei-kan Museum

16:00-Post Visit Session
Joshua Baxter and Taihei Okada (The University of Tokyo)


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