Contact: NAKANO Satoshi

Email: apwarproject2015@gmail.com

Developing International Research and Education Program on the Asia-Pacific War History: Comparison and Synthesis

The project aims to develop international and multi-disciplinary research and education program on “the Asia-Pacific War[1]” from the perspectives that encourage scholars and students of different countries and regions to share, compare, and synthesize the subject as a major incident in the global history of war and violence. The major pillars of the project are (1) holding series of international research and education seminars under the title of “Asia Pacific War: History, Comparison, and Synthesis”; (2) compilation, translation, and publication of important historical documents relating to Asia-Pacific War in English for the use of undergraduate/graduate classes; (3) developing sample graduate/undergraduate coursework in English; and (4) recruiting young scholars joining the project and training them through these activities as the next generation Asia-Pacific War research scholars.

[1] In this project, the term “Asia-Pacific War” will be used quite inclusively covering not only World War II in the Asia-Pacific but Sino-Japanese War and preceding Japanese imperial expansions since the turn of the 19th/20th century.


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