Project Members

List of Project Members as of July 2015

Principal Investigator

NAKANO Satoshi, Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Social Sciences (hereafter H-GSSS) Web

Member Co-Investigators

YOSHIDA Yutaka, Professor, H-GSSS Web

ISHII Hitonari, Associate Professor, H-GSSS Web

OKADA Taihei, Associate Professor, Shizuoka University Graduate School of Informatics

ASHIWA Yoshiko, Professor, H-GSSS Web

Non-Member Co-Investigators

HAYASHI Hirofumi, Professor, Kanto Gakuin University Faculty of Economics Web

NAGAI Hitoshi, Associate Professor, Hiroshima City University Hiroshima Peace Institute Web

KASAHARA Tokushi, Professor Emeritus, Tsuru University Faculty of Humanities

MIYAJI Naoko, Professor, H-GSSS Web

TERADA Takefumi, Professor, Sophia University Faculty of Global Studies Web

HAYASE Shinzo, Professor, Waseda University Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies Web

INOUE Shigeko, Professor, Sophia University Faculty of Humanities Web

Research Collaborators

Ricardo T. JOSE, Professor, University of the Philippines Department of History Web

Daqing YANG, Associate Professor, George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs Web

Franziska Seraphim, Associate Professor, Boston College Web

Sayuri Gaturie SHIMIZU, Professor, Rice University Web

KANEKIYO Junko, Curator, Ritsumeikan University Peace Museum

Project Assistant

SHIMIZU Yukie, Postdoctoral Fellow, H-GSSS


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